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  • Early 1980s platforms

    Press Release: Stepping Out

    Mon 10 Jun 2019

    Over 100 years of footwear on show at The Museum of Edinburgh exposes the sole of Edinburgh’s past residents

    Stepping Out: Shoes from the collection of Museum & Galleries Edinburgh...

  • Young Carers in Charge

    Young Carers in Charge

    Fri 2 Nov 2018

    Young Carers in Charge will run from February 2nd til March 31st 2019 at People's Story Museum, Edinburgh.


    Young Carers in Charge featured objects selected by a...

  • Curator Lyn Wall outside Museum of Childhood

    Moving Out: Museum of Childhood Prepare for Refurbishment

    Fri 3 Nov 2017

    Curators have been packing away hundreds of artefacts, including dolls, toy cars and an Emu Puppet (pictured), as the Museum of Childhood closes for refurbishment.

    Opened in 1955 as the...