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14 November 2020 - 7 March 2021

This major exhibition by artist Jock McFadyen displays his urban and rural landscapes, as well as figurative paintings, alongside works from the City Art Centre’s collection of historic and contemporary Scottish art. The show will include new and existing works by McFadyen as well as his selections from the City’s collection, ranging from ‘old favourites’ by renowned Scottish artists, to artworks that have rarely been seen by the public.

Through a series of fascinating pairings, the exhibition encourages viewers to take a closer look. Works that might initially seem unrelated forge unexpected connections and relationships. Some of these juxtapositions are humorous; some are striking or surprising. By showcasing these artworks side-by-side the exhibition aims to highlight common visual threads that connect all pictures, confounding the tramlines of period, style and artistic posture. It places the City Art Centre’s collection and McFadyen’s work in a fresh and exciting context.



Visit to artist Jock McFadyen's studio in Hackney

Jock McFadyen 'Whos Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue' 2018. the artist

Jock McFadyen goes to the Pictures