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Charlotte Lorimer, co-curator of Reflections: The Light and Life of John Henry Lorimer, began uncovering and sharing stories about the art of her family five years ago when she created the online gallery 'Upward-Onward'. Since then, she has traced the fifty paintings and objects you see today in the exhibition, many of which have come from the most unexpected of places. In this curator’s tour, she will walk you through the five exhibition themes, highlighting how and where the paintings came from, as well as who or what she believes inspired them.

Curator's tour from Charlotte Lorimer

John Henry Lorimer, Flight of the Swallows, oil on canvas, 1906. Museums & Galleries Edinburgh, City Art Centre

Reflections: The light and life of John Henry Lorimer (1856-1936)

Sat 6 Nov 2021 to Sun 20 Mar 2022 ★★★★★ The Scotsman This, the first retrospective of his work, will explore Lorimer’s art through five key themes: light, identity, family, femininity... More info