A creative writing workshop exploring playful, joyful, mischievous ways to be more powerful and creative. You'll also have an opportunity to develop an action plan for valuing your own writing.

Women only event

A women-only creative writing workshop to help loosen the grip of internal critics, and develop action plans for valuing our writing beyond our immediate circles. An opportunity to support one another to find playful, joyful, mischievous ways to be much more powerful and creative than is "allowed".

10.15am - 1.00pm

About the Audacious Women Festival

The Audacious Women Festival is your chance to break down personal, political or institutional barriers, and to celebrate audacious women everywhere.  This is more than a women's festival – we celebrate Audacious Women - women who are bold and courageous, who have flaunted convention, taken risks and done audacious acts. Women who move outside their comfort zone, face their inner demons and do what they always wished they dared.

Wherever you are, we’re here to encourage you to do your own audacious act. Break convention. Get outside your comfort zone. Be adventurous. Do a charity parachute jump, throw some bricks through the glass ceiling, or organise a protest march. Anything that will make a positive difference to you or to the world.


Valuing Our Words

Wonder Women Dance Audacious Women Festival 2018

Wonder Woman Dance

Sunday 25 February 2018, 3:30pm

Come along and let your body move to a selection of fierce female anthems before learning a Wonder Woman inspired routine. 

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Black Skirts and Bonnets Audacious Women Festival 2018

Black Skirts and Bonnets

Sunday 25 February 2018, 3:00pm

Art workshop designing a placard inspired by the history of the of Edinburgh Ladies Emancipation Society.

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