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10am - 12noon

Ancient Woodlands are sites that have been continually wooded since 1750.  In Edinburgh we are lucky enough to have 25 of these incredible sites. Join Melissa Viguier for this workshop involving games and activities in Princes Street Garden as the first part of this workshop. The second part of the workshop will be run at the City Art Centre working with old maps to uncover the evidence for woodlands in Edinburgh's past.  At the end of the session everyone will have the chance to plant a tree in a pot to take home and plant in their own garden, helping Edinburgh to become a Million Tree City by 2030.  

The Ancient Woodland Project is based in Edinburgh, and aims to shine a light on our Ancient Woodlands, because these woodlands are incredible places, they have survived hundreds of years of change, and will continue to help the City of Edinburgh into the future.  This project started in 2023, and has trained over 200 young people (who have a Ancient Woodland in their school catchment area) to survey trees.  A key part of the project is that everyone that takes part is offered a tree to plant in their own garden.  This will help create a garden forest around the woodlands, giving more space to wildlife, and helping link up Ancient Woodland sites.  

Trees and compost kindly supplied by the The City of Edinburgh Council - Edinburgh Million Trees City Project (for more information on the project visit
Suitable for children over 10 years and their Parents/Guardians


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