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23 Feb 2019, 13:45 - 14:45

Women travel for many reasons: discovering new places, fleeing violence, seeking education, making a family. Travel can bring spiritual awakening and new opportunities, but also the challenges of different cultures and "being a stranger". Making a new life elsewhere, whether by choice or force of circumstance, takes courage and daring.

Our three conversationalists explore the meanings and challenges of travel, how new places have enriched their lives and challenged their identity. Debora Kayembe is a human rights lawyer who left the Democratic Republic of Congo as a refugee. Tamsin Grainger goes "walking without a donkey". Victoria Lanata Briones' family has been crossing borders for 150 years.

Come and share the pleasures and paradoxes of forging a new life or balancing the tensions of being far away from your family and putting down new roots. Expect challenges to your own perceptions of travel, and new ways of understanding how we relate to our "home" and identify with our culture.

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