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There is a performance starting at 2pm and then a further performance starting at 3pm.

Mr Reid will soon be going on one of his many business trips to the continent so preparations need to be made for the journey. Unfortunately, Mrs Reid is not certain she feels well enough to accompany him. At the same time her brother, Mr Barton, has some scheme up his sleeve that is causing the housekeeper great concern. Can all these problems be ironed out?

Edinburgh Living History are our multi award- winning team, who interpret the history of the castle in a variety of entertaining ways in Edwardian costume - bringing alive the history of the house. Each performance is carefully devised by Edinburgh Living History to be as historically accurate as possible and include a touch of drama and a soupcon of humour. You will walk through the Castle on a special tour watching the performance unfold. 

Edinburgh Living History

Toil and Trouble