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What is climate change, what causes it, and what can we do about it? 

This exhibition seeks to encourage discussion about these big questions through an exploration of our museum collections together with artworks created by children from Edinburgh primary schools.

For the past few months our schools workshops have explored environmental themes and have taken inspiration from current City Art Centre exhibitions. Children learnt about species of fish and animals that are endangered or at risk in Scotland due to over-fishing, loss of habitat and climate change and produced vibrant collages and prints of these creatures influenced by the artworks of Ade Adesina and Donald Smith. Pupils recycled by using old newspapers to create eye-catching interior collages, inspired by the paintings of home by John Henry Lorimer and drew their favourite green spaces and parks whilst considering the importance of spending time in nature.

Using objects from our museum collections, this exhibition also looks at how our lifestyles have changed and what impact this has had on the environment. Whilst big changes have to be enacted by governments and corporations, small changes can be made by individuals and communities to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Think local, act global has been co-curated with children from Royal Mile Primary School and funded by Museums Galleries Scotland. 

Think Local, Act Global