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Artist Tessa Asquith-Lamb's practice involves sketching in museums and drawing from her own treasured collection of 18th and 19th century folk art and personal items to create intricate etchings, paintings and paper-cuts. In this lecture Tessa will explain her processes in creating her beautiful artworks and show how her collections help her create these beautiful lyrical works full of symbolism, tokens of love, friendship and hope. She will talk about her love of the fox as a personal symbol in her artwork and discuss her recent series of twenty two paintings entitled 'The Rain Avoids Him', a hymn to optimism in dark times. Tessa will also talk about the work that has recently been added to our collection and features in 'Incoming: New Acquisitions at the City Art Centre'.


Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University in 1998 with her MA (Hons) in Fine Art, her career as a gallery educator has run alongside her practice, complementing each other as she creates tours and workshops that are informed by her enthusiasm and love for art. Her long association with the City Art Centre has seen her create varied and engaging tours and workshops for many years.



Tessa Asquith-Lamb: Treasures and Foxes