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History Curator Vicky Garrington joins us to talk about some of the exciting recent acquisitions made for MGE’s dress history and textiles collection. Highlights include a 1930s wedding dress with links to the development of the Atomic Bomb, colourful 1970s dresses from the Edinburgh branch of the cult brand Bus Stop and a Covid-era Sainsbury’s uniform that captures the story of the Covid pandemic. This is a must for anyone interested in dress history, Edinburgh’s retail past and the social history of our vibrant city. Vicky is a History Curator for Museums and Galleries Edinburgh and has spent more than a decade working with its diverse social history collections. Vicky has a special interest in dress history. and the material culture of the World Wars and is currently working on a project connecting craft and protest in the collections.


From Silk and Lace to Fleece and Hi-vis jackets: What’s new in the MGE Dress History and Textiles Collection?