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David grew up in Trinidad and in his search for ‘Jumbies’ took  him to some strange places and forests around the country in pursuit of these legendary  folklore of Trinidad and  Tobago.  Join David for a journey into the the magic of stories in this 2 hour creative writing family workshop inspired by the culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

David Kalloo was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He spent most of his impressionable years growing up between Arima and San Juan. David has served as a Trustee with Steelpan Trust, The Trinidad and Tobago Association UK and currently the Communications and Media advisor with the FHALMA Foundation, the Media Manager for the Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers festival. David has written three books ‘Green Mango Chow, Does the Crime Epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago Cast a Negative Impact on the Country’s Economy, Regionally and Internationally’? and a contributing chapter in; ‘Celebrating Trinidad and Tobago’s Culture and the Arts’. His latest book ‘Jumbie in Town’ is out now.

Search for that Jumbie in You – Family Story and Creative Writing Class