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Scottish Landscape Award artists give a series of short talks with Q&As. Today we hear from Reinhard Behrens and Catharine Davison.

Expeditions into Naboland, Reinhard Behrens
For nearly 50 years, Reinhard Behrens has explored a mythical world which he gained access to via a serendipitous double find in Germany and Turkey. The main protagonist, a toy submarine, has travelled to icy worlds and endured the heat of deserts. Often it has been helped along by yaks, camels, reindeer and penguins, but it has also found itself in the works of artists of the past on its time travels.

From the Ground Beneath the Trees; An illustrated talk about making drawings and paintings in Edinburgh’s Parks and Hills, Catharine Davison
Catharine will share insights into her process of drawing and painting on location from direct observation, focusing on her growing relationship with the parks and hills in South Edinburgh which has been shaped by her regular walks with her Border Terrier, Stanley. Abbreviation is central to her image-making; mapping the land with a vocabulary of idiosyncratic lines and patchworks of coloured shapes, searching for ways to transform what she sees into new forms of wondrous reality.

This event is now sold out. 

Scottish Landscape Awards Talks: Reinhard Behrens and Catharine Davidson