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Scottish Landscape Award artists give a series of short talks with Q&A. Today we hear from sculptor Jake Harvey and artist and curator David Faithfull.

Tangents: Jake Harvey
Stone is ubiquitous on our planet. Variously created, sometimes subducted, and reconstituted before being erupted and injected onto and into the earth’s crust, then subsequently eroded by wind, water, and ice, forming individual stones, and a wide variety of natural landscape is a source of inspiration for Jake Harvey. In the practical process of carving his sculptures, tangential alternatives for realisation often emerge. It is these oblique directions that the sculptor is intrigued by and openly embraces.

Moon rocks, Landscapes + Mountain Berries: David Faithfull
David Faithfull reveals the ideas and materials behind his experimental landscape drawing and printmaking work, including his Isle of Mull artist’s book Perpetual Landscape. The book includes images comprised of powdered Anorthosite Moon Rock, Basalt, Feldspar, foraged berries, squid ink and seaweed, additionally considering his concept of the Palindromic (an image that reads the same from left to right as right to left) Landscape.

Free but booking is essential.  Book on the link or by calling our reception on 0131 529 3993.

Scottish Landscape Awards Talks: Jake Harvey and David Faithfull