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Forest Within

On Felt Thinking and the Art of Asking Questions – a short talk by Dr Anna Dako.

Anna Dako’s ‘Forest Within’ is a site-specific dance film production created in open collaboration between Dako, three human movers, and the responsive living forest at Countesswells, a nature reserve in Aberdeen, Scotland.

In the film Dako asks the dancers a series of questions about their unfolding relationship with the forest. Some of the answers are profound and indicate that there is much to gain from dialoguing with the forest in an open, ecosomatic experience, and from hands-on learning about human belonging within interspecies ecology.  

‘Forest Within’ is a collection of stories, emergent in movement that live and belong to the natural landscape that brought them to life, which increase our understanding on both environmental ethics and interspecific wellbeing.

Scottish Landscape Awards Talks: Anna Dako