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Happy birthday to Robert Louis Stevenson and happy RLS Day.

Swanston is one of the most enduringly beautiful areas of Edinburgh, set in the Pentland Hills and much-loved Edinburgh writer Robert Louis Stevenson had a close connection with the area.  The title of this talk is inspired by a footpath of that name, that leads to the old village of Swanston where the Stevensons rented a summer holiday cottage. Join Mike Lewis to learn about Stevenson's connection with the village and to hear more about the history of this beautiful area.


Mike Lewis is a retired journalist. During his career, he wrote for the Scotsman, the Guardian and the Independent, as well as for a number of American publications. Since moving to Edinburgh from his native London some 40 years ago, he has developed a keen interest in Scottish and Edinburgh history, and now gives talks on those subjects to local clubs and societies. He is also a volunteer Royal Mile guide with the EFVGA.


This is one of a series of talks being delivered jointly by Museums & Galleries Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Festival Voluntary Guides (EFVGA). This is a new venture. The EFVGA has been offering free Royal Mile Festival walks since 1947. More information about the EFVGA can be found on their web site -

Robert Louis Stevenson's Road to the Pentlands