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This winter, our museum service had a hugely successful exhibition at the City Art Centre, ‘Robert Blomfield: Edinburgh Street Photography - An Unseen Archive’. Robert Blomfield habitually took photographs of what he saw wherever he went, from the mid-1950s to the 1990s, including ten years in Edinburgh, where he studied medicine and worked as a junior doctor. His was an unobtrusive and spontaneous approach, quietly and skilfully capturing interesting and often amusing or poignant scenes in the rapidly changing post-war period.

His medical career meant that his vast collection of striking images - which carry echoes of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Vivian Maier - was stored out of sight, until the City Art Centre recently revealed some of them to a wide audience. Most of that audience left with the feeling they would love to see more, many more.  We are delighted to extend the joy of these photos to our lecture programme this year. Join Johnny Blomfield who will show a choice selection from his brother’s archive which could not be included in the exhibition simply because there wasn’t room for them, and will provide some background to Robert’s work.


All of our lecture mornings cost £9 and include a friendly lecture where you have the opportunity to meet our guest lecturer, have coffee and cakes and get a special tour.

Take advantage of our special offer, book 10 lectures for £80.

Robert Blomfield, Street Photographer: The Edinburgh Years 1956 - 1966