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Museums & Galleries Edinburgh collections hold some remarkable objects which tell the story of Scotland’s turbulent past. This talk will take you through the key moments of Edinburgh’s history from the National Covenant of 1638 to the suppression of the Highlands after the defeat of the Jacobite Rebellion in 1746. Along the way, we will explore some of the recent discoveries curators at the city museums have made, and have a look at some of the surprising objects in the collections. Who knows what further revelations will come to light before then? Nicolas Tyack is Collections Information Officer for Museums & Galleries Edinburgh and is based at the Museums Collection Centre at Broughton Market.

All of our lecture mornings cost £9 and include a friendly lecture where you have the opportunity to meet our guest lecturer, have coffee and cakes and get a special tour.

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Revolutions, Rebellions and Revelations: Scottish History seen through Edinburgh’s Collections