A one-hour group workshop for women. Using objects, and a live art approach, we will devise a short performance art piece on a chosen topic. 

Women only event

Are you interested in performing, or curious about new forms of body and installation art, but never really had a chance to take a closer look? In this one-hour group workshop on performance art, we will look at examples of live art and then explore and improvise with an object of choice from a selection provided. We will experiment by devising a short performance on a chosen topic. There's no right or wrong way in live art, so expect surprises! No experience necessary – just an open mind and willingness to have a go. All materials supplied.

1:30pm - 2:30pm

About Audacious Women Festival

The Audacious Women Festival is your chance to break down personal, political or institutional barriers, and to celebrate audacious women everywhere.  This is more than a women's festival – we celebrate Audacious Women - women who are bold and courageous, who have flaunted convention, taken risks and done audacious acts. Women who move outside their comfort zone, face their inner demons and do what they always wished they dared.

Wherever you are, we’re here to encourage you to do your own audacious act. Break convention. Get outside your comfort zone. Be adventurous. Do a charity parachute jump, throw some bricks through the glass ceiling, or organise a protest march. Anything that will make a positive difference to you or to the world.


Performance Art

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