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Ruthless seaborne warriors plunder the coasts in their longships, a noble family are slaughtered under a banner of truce, and a wall holds back barbarian hordes clamouring for battle. But this isn't Westeros, it's Scotland. George R. R. Martin drew heavily from history to create his fantastical Song of Ice and Fire. Now, writer and presenter David C. Weinczok is using Martin's world as a way to explore and understand the ebb and flow of Scottish history. Character comparisons, battle tactics, geography, and beasts of lore are all a part of this crash course in Scotland's story. David C. Weinczok is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, a features writer for magazines including The Scots Magazine and History Today, and he presents short historical documentaries available online. He is a regular expert contributor on BBC Radio Scotland and is the author of the upcoming book The History Behind Game of Thrones: The North Remembers. David has visited over 400 castles and fortifications in Scotland, and often shares these visits with the public through live video streaming as 'The Castle Hunter'     

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The North Remembers: The History Behind Game of Thrones