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24 Feb 2019, 14:45 - 16:45

Do you have a big goal you would like to work towards - personal, physical, mental or career focused? No matter where your goal lies a Vision Board can help bring focus and put a spot-light on the 'what' and the 'why' of your dream.

You do not need to be creative or arty, all you need is your vision and a healthy dose of determination. Louise will discuss several examples for everyone to draw on as you get your vision down on paper. She explains "I found a vision board allowed me to get a jumble of ideas and thoughts onto paper. This helped bring clarity to my 'vision' and to start taking the steps needed to move towards that goal."

Please bring any personal pictures and words you might want to include. Bring your dream. Bring your imagination. All materials will be provided.

Women Only Workshop

The Audacious Women Festival 'Do What You Always Wish You Dared'

Make Your Audacious Dream Reality