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Edinburgh Castle is one of the most iconic of world monuments with almost 2 million visitors every year, and yet its medieval form has remained a mystery. This lecture will focus on how recent historical research and archaeological investigations have begun to reveal how different the Castle looked to Robert Bruce and the Stewart kings. Archaeologist Peter Yeoman spent 30 years unravelling this complex and fugitive story, and is author of the current official guidebook to the castle. He'll talk about how the castle we see today was fundamentally changed as a result of the devastating sieges of 1573 and 1689, in which mighty cannon levelled the once proud circuit of medieval towers. As well as the more marshal aspects of the Castle, we'll also explore pleasantries, such as James I's herb garden, where James II had his sauna, where James IV kept his billiard table, and the highpoint of chivalric culture expressed in the tournament of the Wild Knight and the Black Lady held at Edinburgh Castle in 1507.  An Archaeology Scotland Lecture. 

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The Lost Medieval Towers of Edinburgh Castle