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Edinburgh College of Art was founded in 1760 and gained its present name and site in 1907. Since then, it has been a centre of creative studies and has encouraged generations of artists. One such artist is Adam Bruce Thomson, and as we approach the close of the exhibition, we celebrate the institution that influenced him and his circle.  Prior to WW1, in 1912, Thomson took up employment at the Edinburgh College of Art and then resumed his position in 1919 and would remain there until 1950. During this career Thomson taught etching, composition, still life to the painting school and colour theory to the art and architecture students. 

In this talk Professor Duncan Macmillan will take a walk through the history of Edinburgh College of Art, highlighting some notable students.

Professor Duncan Macmillan HRSA is a Scottish art historian, art critic and writer. Born in 1939, and educated at Gordonstoun School, he obtained his MA degree at the University of St Andrews, his Academic Diploma at the University of London, and his PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He is an honorary graduate of the University of Dundee. Macmillan is Professor Emeritus of the History of Scottish Art at the University of Edinburgh, and former Curator of the Talbot Rice Gallery. Between 2008 and 2012 he was the curator of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  Macmillan has written extensively on Scottish art and artists and his books include Scottish Art 1460-2000. He is also art critic for The Scotsman.

The History of Edinburgh College of Art: Professor Duncan Macmillan