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24 Feb 2019, 14:45 - 16:45

Have you ever wanted to use social media for more than sharing pictures of cats? Not sure how to make your views heard in this digital age? Wonder what Instagram and Twitter can offer you? Want to stay connected and informed but aren't sure where to start?
Social media has become an important means of communication, for everything from connecting with friends and the wider community to civic action and protesting. We want to help communities stay connected and informed, so however you want to use social media - this workshop will give you the tools.

The workshop will be led by the EVOC 150 team and will cover:
- What can I use social media for?
- Which social media platform is right for me?
- How to set up an account
- Posting on social media

The workshop will be aimed at women with little experience of using social media and will also be suitable for those who want to build on their skills.

Please bring your own laptop, as this will be a hands-on session.

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Get Connected: A Social Media How To