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We know transport as it is today - relying heavily on cars - is unsustainable. They create climate-damaging emissions, clog city centres, lead to illnesses, and injure and kill far too many of us. The Government’s watchdog Committee recently said Scotland’s climate target is looking unreachable without drastic action.

Some believe we can solve all those problems if lots more of us take to cycling - but is that true?

How sustainable is cycling really, and just how much of it would it take?

Come on a quick trip from the environmental impacts of the bike, arriving at what a city that relies on them instead could look like.

Dr Brendan Hill is a sustainability expert who wants us all to be warm at home and able to get about without destroying earth’s life support systems. Originally a biologist and journalist, he’s now an academic and consultant. He regularly uses legs, wheels, and small and large motorised objects to move around.

Can cycling make transport sustainable?