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To Burn, Forest, Fire is a sensory artwork by Katie Paterson which takes the form of two incense sticks and is on display in the exhibition Deep Rooted.

One is scented of the 'first forest' on Earth, which grew in modern-day Cairo, New York State, 385 million years ago. Earth’s first forest was discovered through fossilised root systems containing three types of ancient plant species which had well-developed roots, a large trunk, and branches with leaves.

The second incense stick is scented of the 'last forest' on Earth in the age of our climate crisis - the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon contains almost 12,000 tree species and is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. It is threatened to be lost in our lifetime.

Visitors are invited to experience the scent of these two different forests at four special events held within the gallery. Each event will last approximately 40 mins. Everyone is very welcome to join.

Please note that the artwork Under Forest Cover/ Metsänpeiton Alla by Hanna Tuulikki will not be open to the public during this sensory event.


To Burn, Forest, Fire

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