This lecture will explore history of the village of Broughton in Edinburgh over several centuries. Richard Love and Sandra Purves will tell the story of its history by means of a ‘walk’ through the Broughton area, focused on the spine of Broughton Street.  Richard Love spent nearly 30 years in Occupational Medicine, until 1995, when he jumped ship to become a dry stane dyker Richard has been a member of the Broughton History Society since its foundation over 20 years ago, a former Chairman and currently its Chairman again, also a committee member and guide with the Friends of the Mansfield Traquair Centre. Sandra Purves is a  Civil and Structural Engineer. After taking early retirement Sandra was involved with campaigning for the restoration of the Scottish Lowland Canals to through navigation. A member of Broughton History Society since 2004, Sandra is currently the treasurer, and is involved in researching the history of the local area.

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Broughton Through the Ages