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It is March 1912 and Mr Reid has been reading about a luxurious new liner called Titanic. Mrs Reid has decided to host a tea party for some friends who are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime. The downstairs staff are also curious about the ship as they know of a local person who has bought a third-class ticket with the intention of embracing a new life in America.

Edinburgh Living History are our multi award- winning team, who interpret the history of the castle in a variety of entertaining ways in Edwardian costume - bringing alive the history of the house. Each performance is carefully devised by Edinburgh Living History to be as historically accurate as possible and include a touch of drama and a soupcon of humour. You will walk through the Castle on a special tour watching the performance unfold. Why not make a day of it at Lauriston and have some lunch at Mimi’s café on site.

Bon Voyage!