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Gallery Tour in association with the exhibition ‘When the Apple Ripens: Peter Howson at 65 - A Retrospective’

A specific spiritual context arose at the turn of the millennium in Peter Howson’s art and that was his conversion to Christianity. This has affected his whole attitude to painting where he now wants to “preach with his brush!” What type of theology is being preached through his imagery? That is an important question. It is something Luther referred to. The German Reformer said there are two theologies. The theology of the cross and the theology of glory. Howson’s Art is decidedly the former: Christ crucified amidst a fallen humanity. The God Howson instinctively knows, and paints is one who plumbs the depths. This talk will refer to the theology of the cross in Peter Howson’s paintings and drawings. Alan Wilson first met Peter Howson at Glasgow School of Art and has been a longstanding friend and mentor. Alan taught for thirty-five years as head of Art and Design at Hamilton college and currently teaches for the Open Studio at the Glasgow School of Art. He has curated previous exhibitions of Peter’s work at the Third Step gallery, Hamilton College, and Peter’s Kelvingrove flat, as well as writing a couple of introductory essays for catalogues. They have been on trips together, most notably to Palestine in 2004. Join Alan for this tour.


The Art of Peter Howson: Cross or Glory?