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27 March 2021 – 24 April 2021

The Scottish Furniture Makers Association (SFMA) and Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) in partnership present, Adjust / Adapt. The exciting new members exhibition at the prestigious City Art Centre, showcases work by Makers, Designers and Artists working in Scotland with a creative response to how domestic interiors are being adapted in light of the Covid pandemic and climate emergency. The exhibition explores how our homes and outdoor spaces are working harder for occupants; as multigenerational sanctuaries, workspaces, classrooms, fitness and entertainment settings. 

The major new exhibition also marks the 20th Anniversary of SFMA’s founding and features selected work from 30 SFMA members including - Isabelle Moore (winner of the inaugural, SFMA Annual Furniture Awards, both for Design Innovation and for Craft Excellence. Moore was also presented with the Craft Scotland Annual Prize). Daniel Lacey, Namon Gaston, Chris Scotland, Duke Christie, Angus Ross and Gavin Robertson – with VAS member participants to be announced in January 2021.

The extensive show includes a hugely diverse range of bespoke pieces, from chairs to cabinets and from stools to surfboards with each expertly crafted piece seeking to enhance and possibly distract from the external and internal pressures felt as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Many of the works also focus heavily on the need for a shift to sustainable materials in an effort to tackle the growing global climate crisis, with many pieces crafted using local, sustainably sourced materials.  

Booking available soon. 


Adjust / Adapt