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Artist Fiona Hutchison is currently exhibited in our exhibition 'Tapestry: Changing Concepts' and in this online talk Fiona will give an overview of her work and her involvement with the tapestry group STAR (Scottish Tapestry Artists Regrouped).

Hutchison’s creative journey begins with her love of the sea, whether it is from personal experience or research into all things maritime and marine. Observation of water, the effects of wind or tide are the starting points for her current work. The ebb and flow of sea, powerful bodies of water, that are constantly moving and changing. They can be dangerous and unpredictable, a metaphor for our current political, cultural, and ecological future. We must navigate with care. Ideas are developed through visual research - drawing, painting, sampling - and brought together with experimentation in materials and techniques. Trained in tapestry weaving, Hutchison’s practice has broadened to explore other materials and structures. Increasing awareness of the impact her material choices make to our climate and environment has led her to experiment with alternative, recycled, and repurposed materials. From tracing paper and shredded cardboard to plastic baling tape, they all speak their own language and present a new creative challenge.

Sea Journey - To the Edge of the Ocean