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Amanda Gizzi is currently exhibited in our exhibition 'Tapestry: Changing Concepts' and in this online talk Amanda will give an overview of her work.  Amanda graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a first-class degree. She has practised and exhibited at national and international levels, most recently with Artapestry 6 in Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, and Romania and has had a solo show at the Scottish Arts Club. Gizzi’s work is featured throughout tapestry publications and reviews.


Gizzi’s work has always been influenced by the visual world. She is inspired by the interaction of people and place, of objects and environment. Her work comes from glimpsing life and marrying it with story. However, for this series of works and this period of time she has had to look closer to home and her immediate surroundings. Gizzi finds herself drawn to the colours and vibrancy of found feathers, the colour and pattern of fresh fish at the pier and the shape and pattern of the fruit baskets that break the empty shop fronts. She has tried to marry these details with the rhythm of life through the movement and freedom of the birds. She uses a traditional tapestry medium as storytelling to work alongside the many other forms of modern tapestry expression. Gizzi hopes to fit tapestry into the continuum of the art world. She is often inspired by Stanley Spencer and recently visited the London Bonnard exhibition, where the use of colour infected her palette.

Rhythm, Movement and Colour