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Grandpa’s best cashmere gloves, satin shoes worn by the bride, an infant’s christening robe – the material legacies we pass on to the next generation are often items of clothing or textiles.

Join Collections Care Officer, Gwen Thomas and Curator, Victoria Garrington as they investigate some of the common problems we have with caring for, and storing, different types of fabrics. We’ll also offer some guidance on how you can protect these types of objects for the future

This session will comprise a short film looking at a range of costume and fabric items from Museums Galleries Edinburgh’s diverse and historic collections. We will then host a live Q&A where we invite you to share with us some of your own fabulous fabrics for advice on how to keep them looking in tip-top condition.

Please note this workshop is not about restoration of objects.

The session is free to attend.

This session will be recorded for future viewing.

Auld Reekie Retold: Wednesday Workshop: Fabulous fabrics: Conservation and Collections Care