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Saturday 6 February, 2pm

Vibration of Northern Japan

 Yoshie Asano Campbell キャンベル良枝 is a Japanese folk song singer and dancer who was born in Japan and moved to Scotland in 1998. She has been a professional performer since the age of 18. In this video presentation filmed from her home Yoshie weaves a variety of Umewaka styles from the northern part of Japan in a beautiful and energetic performance.

The first performance of three Japanese dance and folks songs is called ‘Akita Daikoku Mai’. Akita is a northern prefecture in Japan and Daikoku is the name of the God of wealth and fertility and is one of the seven lucky Gods. This dance would be performed to mark a happy event. The second dance and folk song is ‘Tsugaru Jyongara Kyu Bushi’ which is from the northern region and celebrates their beautiful land and life. The final dance and folk song of three called ‘Honjyo Oiwake’, is an old song that originated from early boat travellers from the South of Japan to the North. It was danced and sung on the land celebrating the beauty of nature, life and the wonderful food of the Honjyo region. 

**  This event will now be run online. Join us on the City Art Centre Facebook page on the day. No registration or Facebook account required **

Digital Event: Japanese Cultural Event - Vibration of Northern Japan