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Join us for a digital tour streaming on Facebook - fully BSL signed.

Howson was official British War Artist during the Bosnian Conflict of 1993 and recorder of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia in 1992, Howson captures the pain and drama of war in these works. Following his conversion to Christianity, he was commissioned to produce a dramatic rendering of the Martyrdom of St John Ogilvie for the renovated St Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow, completed in 2011. This BSL tour will look at key works in his major Retrospective at the City Art Centre. Directly focusing on the misery of the human condition, renowned figurative artist Peter Howson creates powerful, unflinching works inspired by the streets of his native Glasgow. Drawing on his own harrowing experiences, Howson’s works contain the threat of violence and are populated with broad-shouldered, masculine, and predominantly working-class figures. These figures depicted appear grotesquely caricatured, though retaining some spark of innate human dignity.




Digital BSL Tour of ‘When the Apple Ripens: Peter Howson at 65 - A Retrospective’