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This summer, Museums & Galleries Edinburgh worked in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland & SCRAN, The University of Edinburgh’s Museums, St. Cecilia’s Hall and local charity People Know How to support young people in their transition to high school through a programme of arts, culture and heritage activities designed to increase their confidence and resilience as well as strengthen their relationship with their local area. As part of the six-week programme, children took part in digital art workshops, producing watercolour paintings and text artworks inspired by our current Donald Smith and Ian Hamilton Finlay exhibitions at the City Art Centre.

Photograph of a child painting a picture of trees and grass on a white piece of paper
Photograph of child painting blues and greens on a white piece of paper. A colourful paint palette is next to the young artist

On 11 August, People Know How held an exhibition showcasing the artworks, soundscapes, oral histories, and scrapbooks of young people who participated in the programme. The exhibition took place on People Know How’s jointly owned canal boat, All Aboard.

Abstract painting showing blue skies, green trees and jetty surrounded by blues and pinks
Abstract painting showing blue skies, green rolling hills, mountains and a road running through the valley

'It’s been wonderful to collaborate with partner organisations to bring these sessions to life. The summer before high school, particularly during the pandemic, can be a stressful time for P7s, but through Dear Lothian we have witnessed first-hand the excitement and increase in confidence that can result from opportunities to engage with their local community through the arts.'

Claudia Baldacchino, Communications & IT Officer, People Know How


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