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Museums and Galleries Edinburgh are also responsible for around 200 monuments, dotted all around the streets of Scotland's capital. Most of these monuments are free to enjoy for residents and visitors alike. Explore the map below and discover the stories behind some of the city's most iconic landmarks. 

The Monuments of Edinburgh - Map

You can see large and famous monuments around the city centre, but look out for interesting landmarks in other parts. Discover  ancient stones and boundary markers,  war memorials and water features, sundials and doo’cots, as well as contemporary artworks.

Monuments are usually made of stone or bronze. Much top quality stone was quarried in or near the city,  from places like the Craigleith Quarry near Blackhall. Many bronze statues were cast at the foundry of Sir John Steell, who started the first art-bronze foundry in Scotland. Others were created and imported from abroad. 

Edinburgh's monuments tell us about the history of the city - like a museum collection, but on display in the parks and streets!