Decorative Art Collections at Lauriston Castle

Decorative Art Collections at Lauriston Castle
Lauriston Castle interior

At Lauriston Castle you can see decorative art in the context of an overall interior design. Here, beautiful and useful objects have been carefully arranged within an interior designed by William Robert Reid, who owned Lauriston Castle in the early 20th century.

The interiors are a reflection of his refined Edwardian taste along with the collections assembled with great care to create an elegant and comfortable family home. 

Lauriston Castle Furnished in Style

Inside the Castle you can marvel at Mr Reid’s furniture collection – chairs of all types, sizes and descriptions, wardrobes, cabinets, tables, chests of drawers; pieces from all over Britain and Europe.

A tapestry of textiles

Lauriston Castle is filled with colourful textiles and carpets which create a tapestry of textures and colour throughout the Castle’s beautiful and elegant rooms.

A Family Collection

At Lauriston Castle you can see personal belongings, as well as the many thousands of items collected by the Castle’s last owners Mr and Mrs Reid and Mrs Reid’s brother Mr William Barton.

An Assemblage of Beautiful Things

Lauriston Castle is full of interesting collections, beautiful ornaments and useful objects all carefully placed to create a elegant family home which combined comfort with style.

Pictures of the Past

The pictures on display at Lauriston Castle were mainly chosen by Mr Reid as part of the overall decorative scheme for the Castle’s interior.

Upstairs Downstairs at Lauriston Castle

Lauriston Castle is not just about its past owners and their collections, it is also about the servants who cared for them and who lived and worked in the Castle and garden.

Last Residents

Lauriston Castle’s last residents were Mr and Mrs W R Reid and William Davidson Barton, Mrs Reid’s bachelor brother. They belonged to Edinburgh’s wealthy and cultured Edwardian middle class.

A history of Lauriston Collections

The collections at Lauriston Castle were assembled by Lauriston’s last residents, Mr and Mrs W. R. Reid, and Mrs Reid’s brother Mr William Barton.