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Hi, and welcome to Reekie Untold, a blog about the work being carried out by staff and volunteers at Museums & Galleries Edinburgh on the collections in our stores.

We’ve got a collection of over half a million items, and many of them are in our Museums Collection Centre store. They vary from tiny pieces of doll’s house furniture to the enormous old clock mechanism from St. Giles’ Cathedral (or High Kirk for the liturgically minded!). Many of these items came to the museums decades ago and have never been properly catalogued or researched. We’ve just started a project to go through everything in the store to check all the objects and list them on our collections database.

This sounds like a big task, but the objects are so amazing that we’re finding out some great stories as we go along. Some stories are happy stories of family holidays and special events, some are sad stories of people keeping papers and medals from loved ones killed in the World Wars. We have some downright weird objects like a dried out catfish found in Leith Harbour, and some items which will make you smile, like the wonderful collection of pantomime costume and costume designs.

The Collection Centre is a busy place, with objects coming in and out, being cleaned, loaned, donated and investigated. Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing with you some of the more interesting objects we find, and some stories about the work we’re doing.