Queensferry Collections

Queensferry CollectionsVisitors looking at a model in the Queensferry Museum

The Queensferry collections relate to daily life in the former Royal Burgh of Queensferry, and neighbouring Dalmeny. There are objects linked to the historic ferry passage to Fife, the construction of both the Forth Road Bridge, and the world famous Forth (Rail) Bridge.

Items from former local trades and manufacturing are featured. They include VAT 69 whisky bottles from the local blending and bottling plant, and tools from the shale mining industry. Objects about school life and the former Royal Burgh Council help us learn what life was like in the area.

There are photographs and objects which show local customs and traditions and focus on the ancient custom of the Burry Man and annual Ferry Fair. We have a crown and sceptre used by earlier Ferry Fair Queens and collections about  local churches and the former Royal Naval base at Port Edgar.


The Queen's Ferry

The Queen’s Ferry collection relates to the historic ferry passage that conveyed travellers across the Firth of Forth from Queensferry to Fife until the opening of the Forth Road Bridge in 1964.

The Forth Bridge: Wonder of the Modern Age

The magnificent Forth Rail Bridge is acknowledged world-wide as a great feat of engineering and a wonder of the Victorian age. Our collection includes objects crafted from bridge steel, commemorative objects and items relating to working conditions during the construction.

The Forth Road Bridge: From Boat to Car

The building of the Forth Road Bridge enabled people to travel by car car across the Forth between North and South Queensferry. Our collection includes objects and photographs relating to the Bridge's construction.

Living Traditions: The Ferry Fair and Burry Man

Queensferry cherishes its burgh traditions, and the Museum’s collection represents these through objects and photographs

A History of Queensferry Collections

The Queensferry Museum acquired its earliest collections from Dr John Mason, a retired schoolmaster and local historian.