Christine De Luca

Christine De Luca was born and brought up in Shetland, a place she meant to return to once she had finished her studies at Edinburgh University, but never quite made it back. She taught at Broughton High School for ten years, then, after a Masters in Educational Research, went on to become Head of Assessment R & D at the Scottish Qualifications Authority. With retirement, she has been able to focus more on poetry.

Christine DeLucaA highly regarded and established prize-winning poet whose works have been translated into many languages, Christine has produced over a dozen books, mainly poetry but also a novel and some children’s stories. Her dual identity and dual languages have shaped her work. Her latest collection Dat Trickster Sun (Mariscat, 2014)  has some poems in English and some in Shetland Dialect, a blend of Old Scots with much Norse influence.

Christine is a long-standing member of Shore Poets (who produce monthly poetry events in Edinburgh) and Hansel Cooperative Press (supporting the arts in Orkney and Shetland). She lives in Edinburgh.

Find out more about Christine via her website at .uk.

Some poems by Christine. (PDF, 200KB)

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