Makars' Court

The area beside  the museum is Makars’ Court, an evolving national literary monument. You can see some of the famous words of great Scottish writers inscribed in the flagstones. Look out for quotes ranging  from the 14th century John Barbour to Dame Muriel Spark who died in 2006.

New flagstones are added on a regular basis.

The Scots word Makar means ‘one who fashions, constructs, produces, prepares, etc.’ (Dictionary of the Scots Language), and in a literary context it is the role of the poet or author as a skilled and versatile worker in the craft of writing. We have many such folk living in Scotland, and to celebrate the importance of writers in our lives, in this City of Literature, Edinburgh has adopted its own version of the Poet Laureate: the Edinburgh Makar.

More on Makars' Court
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