Our Story

Our Story


Discover the interconnections of Edinburgh's communities

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10am - 5pm; Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

Who is this for? - All
Dates: 10 November 2017 - 23 April 2018
Cost:  FREE


This dynamic exhibition, co-ordinated by Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association (EIFA), aims to raise knowledge and awareness of the many religious groups existing in Edinburgh today. It showcases the interconnectedness of communities’ histories and celebrates the diversity of this city.
Our Story celebrates Edinburgh’s diversity by uncovering and recording the history of minority religious groups in the city. Each community’s story will be told through their own voices: through interviews and oral history taking, family and community histories have been recorded in the Our Story Project. Come and hear these voices and learn about the stories they have to tell. Artefacts from throughout these community’s histories will be on display: exploring some of the forerunners for each community, and how they became established and settled in the city of Edinburgh. Vibrant images throughout the exhibition have been taken by local photographers of faith groups, ceremonies, and festivals in the city.
EIFA was formed in 1989 to promote and facilitate positive engagement between the faith communities of our religiously and culturally diverse city. It is now considered one of the most experienced and developed Inter-Faith bodies in the U.K.
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