Museums Collection Centre

This centre houses the reserve collections of the city museums, there are many interesting objects on ‘open storage’ display, especially social history objects, decorative art and archaeology collections.

Open for group and individual visits on the first Tuesday of the month at 2pm. Advance booking advisable (0131 556 9536). Research and study visits by arrangement. Strictly for the curious.

Evening News article about the Museums Collection Centre

A view of the Museum Collections Centre from the street


Find out about the Museum Collections Centre and what you will see when you visit.

Wemyss ware ceramics on shelves at the Museum Collections Centre


Some of the exhibits you can see at the MCC.

Heaters on display at the Museum Collections Centre

Visitor Information

Details of our opening hours and where to find us.

Underfloor heating

Did you Know?

that the Romans had underfloor heating?

Did you Know?

that the Romans had underfloor heating?

The Romans invented underfloor heating, with hot air from the furnace diverted through tiled hypocausts to warm the spaces. Look at Roman hypocaust tiles from the Roman bathhouse at Cramond in the Museum Collections Centre.