City Art Centre FAQs

Q1. I have a great idea for an exhibition at the City Art Centre. How do I submit my proposal?

We receive numerous exhibition requests throughout the year and while they are considered on a regular basis, due to the volume of submissions received, responses to proposals may take several months. Each proposal is carefully considered taking into account the City Art Centre’s existing programme, audiences, budgets and space limitations. Please note that not only do we receive a large number of proposals each year, we also initiate many exhibitions ourselves. Therefore we cannot always accommodate all the exhibitions we find interesting.

Information on submitting an exhibition proposal may be found on our Submitting Exhibition Proposals page.


Q2. I have an artwork that I'd like to know more about. Whom should I contact?

Q3. Can I see a painting from the city's collection when it's not on display?

Q4. How does the City Art Centre add to its collection?

Q5. How far in advance does the City Art Centre plan its exhibition programme?

Q6. How is the city's art collection displayed?

Q7. Can I book the City Art Centre for an event?

Q8. I'm an artist. Would the City Art Centre be interested in purchasing some of my work?

Q9. Is it possible to purchase photographic prints from the Fine Art Collection?