New banners at the People's Story

New banners at the People's Story Release Date 20 January 2011

A colourful  new display of banners is now on view at the People’s Story Museum.

One stunning banner that has recently come into the collections is from the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society. These societies were formed to provide help for people in times of sickness and unemployment. The banner shows a man on his sickbed receiving assistance for his family from the Friendly Society official.
Many reform banners were reused in later demonstrations. In 1884 the Edinburgh Brushmakers carried a banner which had previously been used in 1832. They attached a new wool banner onto the back to give it additional strength and with pride wrote ‘carried in 1832’.
It is the first time that this banner and the Dockers of Leith have been displayed at the People’s Story. The Docker’s banner dates from the mid 19th century and uses symbols of national unity – thistles, roses and shamrocks and the wheat sheaf - a symbol of abundance.
The standard of the Dunkirk Veteran’s  Association was donated to the museum on the 60th Anniversary of the evacuation from Dunkirk.
Other banners include four more banners used in demonstrations to win the vote and banners belonging to the AEU (Amalgamated Engineering Union) and NALGO the National And Local Government Officers Association - a forerunner of UNISON.

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