Reminiscence Boxes

Do you remember when…? Bring back the past with our range of reminiscence boxes.

Explore the war, everyday life, work and childhood by looking at and touching objects from the past. The boxes are available for any group of older people in the community to borrow free of charge.

Please note: Reminiscence boxes can be picked up at the City Art Centre. Please book at least one week in advance.

For more information contact: or call 0131 529 6365.


People’s Story Reminiscence boxes:

Heating, lighting and cooking: Bring back memories with these everyday objects from the house including a stone piggy, tatty masher and rag rug.

Keeping clean and healthy: Do you remember washboards and flat irons? Explore how we used to keep clean in the past.

Leisure and going out: A night on the town in a box! Box contains hat, gloves, fur stole, set of bowls, a box camera, tobacco and more.

Wartime box: Do you remember dried eggs, clothing coupons and the blackout? Bring back memories with this collection of objects from the War.

Work box: Where did you work? Explore the world of work. Box contains shoe last, tools, cake moulds, aprons and photographs.

Museum of Childhood Reminiscence Boxes:

Street Games: Do you remember how to use a diabolo, whip and peerie or gird and cleek? Borrow this reminiscence box to bring it all back.

Schooldays: The best days of your life? Remember your schooldays with a slate and pencil, tawse and dipping pen.

Sports and hobbies: What hobbies did you have as a child? Box includes a football, cigarette cards, a sampler and a toy sewing machine.

Trips, treats and celebrations: Do you remember seaside trips to Portobello? Box includes tinny, pictures of seaside holidays, a spade, games and more.

The Baby: Bring back memories with objects including a feeding bottle, clothes and a rattle.