Q1. Do you provide guided tours?

Guided tours are provided at Lauriston Castle,  and also on Thursdays and Saturdays at 1pm and 3pm at the Writers' Museum. We also run occasional 'Spotlight' tours to accompany temporary exhibitions - see the individual exhibition listing for details.

In addition, there is information in each of our venues' galleries to help you explore our collections.

Otherwise, we try to accommodate advance requests where possible. Please complete our group visit form and and as soon as possible after submission we will contact you to confirm/discuss the details.


Q2. Is there anywhere to leave luggage?

Q3. Where is the nearest car park?

Q4. Do you have a cafe?

Q5. Can I take photographs in the museum?

Q6. Where is the Travelling Gallery today?

Q7. Is there anywhere to leave a pram or buggy?

Q8. How do we book a school group visit?

Q9. Can you tell me how much my object is worth?

Q10. Do you have information in languages other than English?

Q11. Are there any hands-on activities for children?

Q12. Can I get married at Lauriston Castle?

Q13. Who owns Lauriston Castle?

Q14. Can I walk my dog in the grounds of Lauriston Castle?

Q15. I have an artwork that I'd like to know more about. Whom should I contact?

Q16. How is the city's art collection displayed?

Q17. Can I see a painting from the city's collection when it's not on display?

Q18. How does the City Art Centre add to its collection?

Q19. I have a great idea for an exhibition at the City Art Centre. How do I submit my proposal?

Q20. How far in advance does the City Art Centre plan its exhibition programme?

Q21. Do you have any job vacancies?

Q22. I'm an artist. Would the City Art Centre be interested in purchasing some of my work?

Q23. Is it possible to purchase photographic prints from the Fine Art Collection?

Q24. Can we film at one of your venues?