Capital Collections

Capital Collections is an online image library of the vast collections held by the Edinburgh City Council Museums, galleries and Libraries.

Screen grab of the Toys pageWhether you are researching your family tree or doing a school project, you can discover the historical and cultural life of Edinburgh, Scotland and the Scots through this growing image library. which includes a wonderful selection of objects, photographs, toys, drawings, paintings, and engravings. New images are loaded on to the Capital Collections image library daily!

There are already over a hundred images from the Museum of Childhood and City Art Centre online now. The images range from contemporary Scottish artists, such as Jack Knox, John Bellany, Jock McFadyen and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham. Other paintings include, The Parliament Close and Public Characters of Edinburgh by John Kay, which is one of many historical images of Edinburgh.

Currently the images online from The Museum of Childhood, consists of a selection of toys from the last five decades. Marbles, Scalextric, cars, teddies, dolls and skateboards, as well as character toys from films like Star Wars and Toy Story are available.

Do you remember growing up in the 1950s, 1960s or 1990s? What toys do you remember playing with? Take a look at the Capital Collections image library and learn about the collections of your childhood and the images, objects and people of Edinburgh.

We have exhibitions on Capital Collections and  five decades of toys.

Five Decades of Toys

The 1950s -  Noddy Strip Books, Dan Dare board game and Ludo

The 1960s - James Bond's Aston Martin and Sindy

The 1970s - Look in Magazine, Wombles and the Fonz

The 1980s - Super Ted, Star Wars and My Little Pony

The 1990s - Toy Story, Star Trek and Teletubbies

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