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Timeline - 1771 Scott born on 15 August at College Wynd, Edinburgh.
- 1773-6 Polio attack leaves the young Scott with a limp.
Lives with his grand-parents at Sandy Knowe, Kelso.
Visits London and Bath with his aunt, Janet Scott.
- 1776 Returns to family home in George Square.
- 1778 Sent to the Royal High School in Edinburgh.
- 1785-6 Studies Latin, Greek and Logic at Edinburgh University.
- 1786 Serious illness strikes - convalesces at Kelso.
Apprenticed to his father's firm of solicitors.
- 1789-92 Attends Law classes.
- 1792 Called to the Scottish Bar as an Advocate.
Falls in love with Williamina Belsches.
- 1795 Appointed as Curator of the Advocates' Library.
- 1796 Loses Williamina Belsches, who marries Sir William Forbes.
Translates 'The Chase' and 'William and Helen' from German by Burger.
- 1797 Meets Charlotte Charpentier in the Lake District and marries her in the same year.
- 1799 Appointed Sheriff of Selkirkshire. Death of his father.
- 1800 Translates 'Goetz of Belichingen' from German by Goethe.
- 1804 Edits 'Sir Tristrem' by Thomas the Rhymer.
- 1806 Appointed Principal Clerk of Session.
- 1808 Quarrels with Constable, starts publishing-house with John Ballantine.
- 1811 Buys small farm on the River Tweed, moves there in 1812 and later builds Abbotsford.
- 1813 'Lord of the Isles' published.
- 1814 Voyage to Orkney, Shetland and Hebrides aboard the Lighthouse Yacht. Publication of his 'Waverley' novels as the 'Great Unknown' - his identity is not publicly acknowledged until 1827.
- 1815 Visits London, Paris, Waterloo.
His novel 'Guy Mannering' is published (2,000 copies sold on the first day).
- 1816 Publication of 'The Antiquary', 'Black Dwarf' and 'Old Mortality'.
- 1818 Discovers the Scottish Regalia at Edinburgh Castle.
'Rob Roy' is published (10,00 copies sold in two weeks).
Also published are 'Bride of Lammermoor' and 'The Heart of Midlothian'.
- 1819 Suffers from bouts of cramp. His mother dies.
Publication of 'Legend of Montrose'.
- 1820 Visits London, sits for Chantrey for a portrait bust.
Publication of 'Ivanhoe',' The Monastery' and 'The Abbot'.
- 1821 Attends the Coronation of George IV.
Publication of 'Kenilworth'.
- 1822 Organises visit of George IV to Edinburgh.
Publication of 'The Pirate', 'The Fortunes of Nigel' and 'Peveril of the Peak'.
- 1823 Suffers his first stroke.
Publication of 'Quentin Durward'.
- 1824 Publication of 'St Ronan's Well' and 'Redgauntlet'.
- 1825 Bankruptcy of Ballantine, his printer and Constable, his publisher.
- 1826 Lady Scott dies. Has financial crisis.
Travels to France to research life of Napoleon.
Publication of 'The Betrothed', ' The Talisman', 'Woodstock'.
- 1827 Publication of 'Life of Napoleon Buonaparte' and also 'Chronicles of the Canongate'.
- 1828 Publication of 'The Fair Maid of Perth'
- 1829 Publication of 'Anne of Geierstein'
- 1830 Severe strokes in February and November.
Resigns as Clerk of Session.
- 1831 Suffers another stroke in May. Sails on HMS Barham to Malta and Naples for health reasons. Has a cerebral haemorrhage.
Publication of 'Count Robert of Paris' and 'Castle Dangerous'
- 1832 Resident in Naples, returns to Scotland via the River Rhine.
Dies at Abbotsford on September 21.


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